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Tonic Luxe Velvet Luxe Velvet Eye Mask Teal


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Tonic Luxe Velvet Luxe Velvet Eye Mask Teal is the perfect sleep partner. Also known as a sleep mask, it blocks out light creating complete darkness to induce sleep night and day.

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Tonic Luxe Velvet Luxe Velvet Eye Mask Teal

Tonic Luxe Velvet Luxe Velvet Eye Mask Teal is the perfect sleep partner. Also known as a sleep mask, it blocks out light creating complete darkness to induce sleep night and day. A great travel companion to ensure you can enjoy your destination as soon as you arrive! 

Dimensions: 10 × 2 × 20 cm
Weight: 40g

Tonic’s eye mask are an affordable, natural way to help us get to sleep faster … and stay asleep.  Made with a velvet front and satin back for comfort and to reduce potential eye irritation. Ensure you get the best sleep possible by keeping all light away from your eyes to induce a state of pure darkness.

Tonic eye masks have a comfortable elasticated satin strap to hold your mask around your head.

Many people do not get the recommended sleep each night. A lack of sleep not only effects our bodies, it also has the impact of slowing down productivity and diminishing decision making skills. Your chances of falling asleep are greatly improved when you block out both noise and light. People who sleep regularly during the day, such as nurses or other shift workers can benefit greatly by using them. They are also great for assisting sleep in unfamiliar surroundings such as in hospitals and hotels.

Tonic eye masks are also the perfect travel companion. Light and easy to take on the plane, wear it in conjunction with a set of ear plugs to block out unwanted noise. Now you can enjoy your destination from the moment you land.

Directions for Use:

Place your eye mask gently over your eyes and put the elasticated strap behind your head.

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tonic australia’s heat pillow is the perfect remedy to relieve the stress from our busy lives. Also to ease tension, body aches, neck and back pain.

The Tonic Luxe Velvet Heat Pillow Musk is made with a velvet cover and filled with locally sourced organic barley and lavender, all hand filled in Australia. It makes the perfect pamper gift for yourself or someone special.

tonic heat pillows are the perfect companion for yoga, meditation, or period pain and are equally therapeutic when heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator. They are also a great and safe alternative to a traditional hot water bottle.

Heat pillows are also referred to as heat bag, wheat bag, wheat pillow, heat wheats and heated pad.

Directions for Use:

Simply put your heat pillow on the turntable in the microwave and heat on high for 2 mins. Remove and gently drape around your neck or over the ache to relax and reduce tension. To cool your heat pillow, place in the refrigerator until cooled. Remove and place on the body to provide cool relief or to reduce bruising or swelling.

The Tonic Story

Two lifelong friends, two creative minds, two women who believed passionately in creating a business that offers beautiful, thoughtful and innovative products for people across the world; When a desire for innovative products that could nurture and provide a sense of wellness and mindfulness – a beautiful and practical brand is born … welcome to the exquisite world of tonic.

Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz are the brilliant entrepreneurial minds behind Australian owned Tonic Product Development. What started out as an idea for a business that would meet the needs and goals of both talented women, quickly turned into fruition as the two created, planned and conceptualised their ideas into a reality.

With hard work, many conversations, outreach, networking, and tireless efforts, the company quickly grew. tonic australia soon extended from what was initially a gift-driven, personal care company – which developed products for leading retailers throughout Australia – into the launch of tonic, the brand (which is an ideal combination of the founders’ names) now focused on nurturing, practical & beautiful gifts, luxurious home, travel & lifestyle products.

tonic’s affordable collection of luxurious goods consists of their hero products: the scented heat pillows, soothing eye pillows and eye masks, goats milk and shea butter soaps, superbly made makeup and cosmetic bags,

jewellery cubes, LUXE vegan leather accessories and much more.

Over the years as their ideas expanded, Toni and Nikki continued to adapt to the changing market; their genuine interest in creating gifts that nurture became a major priority, as did products that make the ideal travel accompaniment.

Both of these inspiring businesswomen have always embraced an entrepreneurial drive, each with a strong emphasis on family, creativity and morality – operating their business based around these values.

In its many successful years of business, tonic has become known as the go to brand for gifts, exquisite and practical, the brand that will provide the perfect present for almost every occasion.

Known for their focus on the aesthetic, and their ever changing distinctively designed patterned fabrics and high quality products and innovative features, Toni and Nikki’s creative, fresh and thoughtful designs are a steadfast requirement for the pair.

Now celebrating over 26 years in business, Toni and Nikki associate tonic’s longevity and ongoing success to their determination to be true to their initial vision: for tonic to offer a range of luxurious, unique and high quality Australian designed products that can also provide wellbeing, practicality and beauty. Now exporting globally with their beautiful items sold in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, the United Kingdom and more, tonic continues to grow thanks to hard work, tenacity and their enthusiasm for taking on new challenges and delivering on customers’ needs. tonic is also delighted to provide exclusively developed creations to some of Australia’s biggest fashion & lifestyle retailers as well as developing for overseas lifestyle retailers. And proudly, it’s home to beloved brand tonic australia for lovers of beautiful colour palettes, thoughtful gifts, essential travel items and comforting wellness products.

tonic is proudly 100% Australian owned, its products are not tested on animals and each item is made with the highest quality, locally sourced materials and ingredients.


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